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The Barbarians Masters Swim Team [QBR] is a virtual team, run by Masters Swimming Queensland [MSQ] to accommodate for swimmers:

  • - want to compete at Masters Swimming Events

  • - prefer not to join a physical "real" Masters Club

  • - prefer to train by themself, with friends or with swimmers not in a Masters Club
    - are unable to find enough swimmers to form a Club

  • - live far from an existing Club

Why join, because
we are

No more detail required!

The main purpose of the Team is to allow swimmers to compete at National and International Masters Events and Meets. Administration of the Team runs over the MSQ. However, everybody living in Australia is able to join the Barbarians.

Of course you can join any Masters Club, but why not become a Barbarians.
We may a virtual Team. However, we have a great Team Spirit.

STEPS to becoming a
TEAM Member

To become a member, go to the Masters Swimming website using the "JOIN THE TEAM" button. It will take you to the MSA membership sign up page. Select "Join as a New Member" and follow the new registration. Select Queensland, even if you do not live in Queensland and then the BARBARIANS MASTERS SWIM TEAM to become a Barbarians. Have your card for payment ready to finalize the registration. After the registration, you will receive a welcome email from our Administrator with the information you need including your MSA ID, needed to enter events and meets.

Besides, our Team Captain will be sending you a welcome email with further information. It would be fantastic if you could fly our team colours. Check out our Barbarians Team Gear.

In case you have been a member of another MSA club before, even if lapsed, you need to contact our administrator, to transfer you to our team before you sign up.